I am a creative dreamer who transformed her entire life at age 32 by changing one small thing every day. Almost three years later, I’ve lost more than 200 pounds and launched a brand new career.

Tired of waiting for the diets to work, I took matters into my own hands. In January 2010, I began exploring my culinary passion to create sustainable, lasting change in my eating and lifestyle habits.

I followed that choice with a move from full-time to self-employment with the launch of my creative firm, Blue Elephant.

After 12 years in corporate marketing, I now work exclusively with small businesses, writers, bloggers and entrepreneurs on innovative concepts that increase brand exposure, create strong marketing strategy and increase financial return.

In October 2010, I turned my love of writing into a resource for others who are struggling with the launch of my blog, Trading Pounds. Here, I try to honestly shares stories of my lifelong battle with weight and the action steps I’ve taken towards change in the hopes of helping others do the same.

As readership grew in 2011, I was invited to be a regular contributor to Real Food and Health Magazine, as well as other various blogs and media. I also published my first book, The Real Food Guide to Trading Pounds, in October.

But I soon realized that writing about this life-changing journey wasn’t enough. I wanted to find a way to better serve my readers, and to help provide accountability and forward progress to those who reached out to me for support. I understand how important it is to have this kind of ally on the journey towards change as I worked with both a life coach and personal trainer during my own transition.

In 2012, I launched my coaching practice through Trading Pounds and now serve as both a resource and an accountability partner to those who want to change their own life. I conduct individual coaching sessions and two group coaching programs—Uncovering the True Self and Simple Food: Real Answers for Lasting Weight Loss—throughout the year.

I also spend plenty of time in the kitchen pursing my culinary passion and supporting an ongoing healthy lifestyle as I work to develop new recipes for the readers of Trading Pounds. And I am already planning my next book, a collection of 200 favorite meals, to be released in 2014.

The world has opened up in ways I never could have imagined when I began this journey three years ago. As I started to embrace my own inner and outer beauty, I found the most precious treasure of them all. For the first time, by loving myself, my heart became ready to receive love from another.

With that special someone by my side, life is an adventure that I no longer take for granted as I travel, explore and inspire change around every corner.